Thursday, 3 May 2012

Arthritis Sufferers Prone To Depression, Anxiety: CDC

(RTTNews) - New data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control showed many arthritis sufferers also experience anxiety and depression symptoms. The data was collected from 1,793 adults 45 years or older as part of the CDC Arthritis Conditions and Health Effects Survey.
According to lead researcher Dr. Louise Murphy of the CDC, one-third off all respondents claimed to suffer either anxiety or depression as well in addition to arthritis. They also found that 84 percent of those who reported depression also suffer from anxiety.
"People with arthritis face a lot of challenges associated with the physical symptoms. If you're worried about your livelihood and your ability to perform at your job, this can be very stressful," Murphy said in a news release.
"When we looked at the characteristics of the people with anxiety, there was not a specific group that popped out which suggested that all people with arthritis have a risk of anxiety and depression," Murphy added. "Knowing the significant complications they can create shows there is a need to address anxiety and depression on a wider scale."

by RTT Staff Writer
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