Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Knee pain & Knee Replacement Surgery in Nagpur

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  • Pain not controlled by medicines
  • Stiffness (loss of motion)
  • Instability
  • Disability
  • Restriction of day to day activities
TKR surgery is performed principally for pain relief. Although the range of motion of the knee may improve following surgery, this is not the primary aim of the surgery and extra motion should be regarded as a bonus
The damaged bearing surface of the knee joint (articular cartilage) is replaced by metallic prosthesis (made up of cobalt-chromium or titanium), which articulates with a polyethylene bearing. These prosthetic components are fixed to the bone using bone-cement or rarely using coated components onto which bone grows. The right decision about appropriate prosthesis for a particular patient is made.
Total knee replacement is a major surgical procedure with very high success rates. However, like any other surgical procedure it is also associated
with some risks, which are uncommon, but must be kept in the mind.

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